C a s s i e   T u n i c k

A C T I O N   T H E A T E R

f o r   B e g i n n e r s


This Action Theater for Beginners workshop invites your sensate imagination to reunite mind, heart, and body in a playful connective realm. We could refer to this as Embodied Presence. Action Theater is a training process in physical theater improvisation that builds vocal, verbal, and physical performance skills. In this workshop we’ll explore techniques to awaken and embolden an experience of being that communicates the imaginations we all arrive with, but that we sometimes forget the power of.

With body/breath as our base, we’ll build into sound and language from centered, sensate physicality. With awareness as fundamental revealer of reality, we’ll investigate practices that amplify awareness through play. We’ll explore simple and challenging invitations using depth, precision and delight. We’ll work with the eyes, breath, timing, body parts, speech, shapes and spaces, in a theatrical framework to find their power.

We’ll also explore some questions - How to be fully present (on stage and off)? How to honor the moment and also stay relaxed? How to truthfully/skillfully communicate our experience in all its wisdom and whimsy? How to feel rooted relationship with all beings, from molecules to partners? How to cultivate a fearless relationship with the unknown and stay smiling inside? How to occupy our own presence with confidence and empathy? We’ll improvise a way forward supported by curiosity in an encouraging atmosphere. This workshop honors diverse experiences and fosters a community of belonging. As a beginner’s workshop it is open to all, those with significant theater/movement training and those without.

is a performing artist and teacher whose embodied artworks provoke an interdependency between physicality, sound, language, and imagination. As Senior Teacher of Ruth Zaporah’s Action Theater, she has been improvising in studios and on stages in NYC and around the world for the last 35 years. She draws on Eastern philosophy, Poetics, Dance, and Nature/Body as wisdom healer, to weave the improvisation into profoundly playful connective space. She is currently an Artist-in-Residence at Emerson College where she teaches Movement and Action Theater to actors. Her ongoing fascination with the nature of being investigates the daily body as a vehicle for wild mind to express itself visibly. Body becomes locus for ecology, equity, fluid identity, and physical joy in performance.