! pre-conference Workshop 20-21 august, 125€/150!

Friederike Tröscher

Title: Navigating Space – inside and out

In Body-Mind Centering® we explore all parts of ourselves in movement, down to the individual cells and further into their sub-structures. The ways in which movement continues from place to place create connections and pathways that organize the multiple parts with each other. In these 2 days I would like to work with some aspects and principles of embryology, sub cellular structures and fascia network that I find interesting in exploring and playing with the way we align the different parts of ourselves and feel the continuum from inside into the natural world around us. How do we not only fee part of but actively align with, relate to, travel, navigate and gain insights from the living kaleidoscopic matrix created by the individual parts? We will work with somatisation, movement improvisation, hands-on and props.

                                           friederike tröscher

Biography: Friederike Tröscher, dancer – improvisation/contact improvisation -, occupational therapist, Practitioner and Teacher for Body-Mind Centering®, lives with her family near Cologne, Germany. She is co-director of the German BMC certification programs at Moveus and enjoys movement-mind-nature-explorations since many years.