Katy Dymoke, BMC Teacher

Katy's workshop is The Use of Touch in DMP (Dance Movement Psychotherapy) and its impact on the student experience - the integration of this work within a reflexive humanistic model of DMP training.  

Participants will explore questions about touch in our culture as well as how to apply these skills into the touch-adverse psychotherapy field. We will examine how BMC touch skills can help us collectively and individually by folding our subjective experiences into the whole. We'll deepen our understanding through exploration and reflection. 

katy, sri lanka

Katy Dymoke - certified teacher and practitioner in Body-Mind Centering® from Manchester. She has been teaching BMC® in England since 1997 and integrated into her job as Movement Psychotherapist in the NHS as a touch based specialist. Katy is senior lecturer and course convener of an MA program in Dance Movement Psychotherapy at Edge Hill University integrating BMC SME courses. She has presented at conferences, and has published her writing on touch based working methodology and integrated dance. Katy is completing a PhD on the impact of touch in Movement Psychotherapy and BMC. Katy established the Body-Mind Centering® certification programs in the UK as she believes in the innate intelligence of the body, its application in therapeutic contexts and research. As a professional dancer and director of Touchdown Dance Katy creates dance theatre and film. Touchdown Dance is unique for integrating blind and sighted dancers in a professional touring and workshop company based in contact improvisation. Collaborating with musicians, actors and dancers for 25 years, she has been an advocate for integrated arts practice. A lover of the outdoors and physical activity she has a 3rd Dan in Jujitsu.