e l k e   l u y t e n   &   k i r a   a l k e r

A   S O L O   F O R   T W O

9 07 2014   20 00

photo: marina gumzi

created by elke luyten and kira alker

performed by elke luyten and guest


searching for the ultimate moment of vulnerability between two performers in the artificial circumstance of performance, this forage into vulnerability lays the groundwork for our artistic meditation on the issue of subjectivity. within the artifacts of these encounters we will strip down the conventional performance parameters of time, space and subject matter.

running time: 45 minutes

photo: elke luyten and sherry dobbin in .sherry D. goes hiking.

"A Solo for Two" is supported by The Kevin Spacey Foundation: America.


 idee ja teostus: elke luyten ja kira alker

esitus: elke luyten ja külaline

kestvus: 45´

otsides seda tõelist haavatavuse hetke kahe esineja vahel kunstlikult loodud etenduse tingimustes, loob see süvenemine aluse meie meditatsioonile teemal subjektiivsus. sel moel muudame tavapäraseid arusaamu etenduse parameetritest nagu aeg, ruum ja sisu.

fotol: elke luyten ja sherry dobin etendusest sherry d goes hiking

etendust toetab: the kevin spacey foundation: america.