C O M I N G   T O   N O T A F E

how to arrive to Estonia?

the best ways are: by bus (poland, latvia etc), by ferry (sweden, finland), by train (russia) or by plane (from… anywhere else).

by bus to Viljandi

there several bus-connections from different destinations in Europe. just remember that the destinations you have to keep in mind are either Tallinn, Tartu or Pärnu. all these stations have straight and quite frequent bus-connection with Viljandi. 

from Tallinn to Viljandi takes about 2,5 hours. the length of time from Tartu to Viljandi and Pärnu is about 1 hour. 

* tickets can also be purchased either from the ticket office or from driver. online tickets are sold 10-30 days before the departure. schedules: http://www.tpilet.ee/

by train

or..you can catch the train to Viljandi. the train station is situated very close to Tallinn old town. it takes 2h20 min to Viljandi. there is no need for booking tickets before travelling. schedules: http://elron.ee/en/

by ferry

ferry (jet) is the easiest and probably the cheapest way to travel from scandinavia (finland, sweden) to estonia. there are many companies offering you a trip to Tallinn by ferry or by jet, here are some useful links:

by plane

the only international airport in Estonia is Tallinn Airport in our capital. there are connections provided by estonian air, air baltic, ryanair etc. since the distance between Tallinn and Viljandi is about the same as between Riga and Viljandi, you could also arrive to Riga international airport- the capital of Latvia and then take a bus from Riga to Viljandi.



festival's transport

if there are many guests arriving to Tallinn airport at the same time we could help you with transport. it requires a previous agreement.  

getting around

Viljandi is a small town where walking is the easiest way to get around, with everything within 15 min walking distance. the venues of the festival are connected very close to each other.
it's the same with most of the potential accommodation places.

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