S o c i e t a t   D o c t o r   A l o n s o


a n   e n e r g e t i c   p e r f o r m a n c e

w h e r e   t h e   p i e c e   i s   c o m p o s e d

b y   t h e   a u d i e n c e   a n d   i n t e r p r e t e r s
   t o g e t h e r


It is an experiment between chaos and order. Obviously the experience is not safe and is very complex, it could be summarized as "if you want silence, you have to work it out" or "do what you want". This takeover is not easy. Art is an homogeneous space to experiment or play with certain states and certain assumptions. We would like to take this piece to the spirit of live-art, where experimentation is the essential fact, not as an act but as an aesthetic fact, the act of going to theatre. The audience has the voice, the noise and the silence. Each one is responsible. During the performance it will be clear that the absence of sound and the absence of action is also a choice.

Direction: Sofia Asencio
Playwriting: Tomàs Aragay
Choreography: Sofia Asencio
Creation and interpretation: Semolina Tomic
Lights and stage space: CUBE
Sound space: Alfonso Ferri
Production: Imma Bové
Distribution: Societat Doctor Alonso
Coproduction: Festival Terrassa's TNT, Antic Teatre, City of Bàscara, ICEC and INAEM


SOFIA ASENCIO and TOMÁS ARAGAY are the co-directors of the company. Each show raises or starts from the point 0, to rethink his artistic language each time. They mix genres, forms and performers, creating their own way of inhabiting the stage. They like to raise the stage as a place to show, where there should be something spectacular, something less spectacular, creating a poetic pathos.
Society Doctor Alonso physically established in a rural area in Pontos, Province of Girona, to move away from the "noise" and "uniformity" surrounding contemporary art in a big city like Barcelona. A way to seek his own voice. 

Similarly Society Doctor Alonso was born with a clear vocation of permanent exchange with others; vocation that relies on a dual conviction: firstly the need to maintain a permanent listening of creative paths that take place across our borders, and secondly, the imperative need to show our work to audiences of diverse cultural background to put it in a framework of plural reception, which allows us to receive feedback artistically rewarding.

Sociedad Doctor Alonso collaborates with a wide range of multidisciplinary artists.

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SEMOLINA TOMIC is the artistic name of Julijana Tomic Fajdeticmultidisciplinary creator and performer. Born in 1966 in Osijek (Croatia), she has lived in Barcelona since 1985, acquiring Spanish nationality. 

She trained as a performer and dancer at the Osijek Institute of Theatre (Croatia), studied classical and contemporary dance at La Fàbrica (Barcelona) and performance, dance and Alexander technique at the School for New Dance and Theatre Development, Amsterdam (Netherlands).
She has also studied music and various musical instruments, specialising in drums, under Carles Buira (Barcelona).
Between 1995 and 2003 she performed, choreographed and created for the company La Fura dels Baus, although by 1999 she had already created her own company, Semolinika Tomic. In 2003, on leaving La Fura, she established L'Antic Teatre - Espai de creació.
Her varied and prolific artistic career has earned her a number of awards, notably:
- FAD Sebastià Gasch Theatrical Arts Award for the recovery of Antic Teatre, which went from an abandoned civic centre to becoming a live platform for cutting edge contemporary creation, and which from 2003 has been managed by Associació Antic Teatre - L'Espai de Creació.
- The award for Most Innovative Programming in Spain, received at the International Theatre and Drama Fair (Huesca) in October 2004.
Her professional career as a performer has been on hold since 2007 when she began managing Antic Teatre in Barcelona both creatively and in the rebuilding and refurbishment process, which was completed at the end of 2013.