B O O K S   O N   T H E   M O V E

A   T R A V E L L I N G   A N D   O N L I N E   B O O K S T O R E

F O R   D A N C E R S ,  M O V E R S   A N D   T H I N K E R S


Our nomadic bookstore dedicated to the inquiry of dance, performance studies and movement practices will be present throughout the festival with a selection of English titles on artist writings, theoretical essays, choreography, biographies, as well as texts on somatic practices.

This year the bookstore corner will be set up in a van, travelling within Viljandi. We will be present around lunch time as well as before and after each evening show.

Books on the Move invites you to browse through new and rare publications, as well as the unavoidable and untraceable of dance literature. We invite you to also stop by to read, have a chat, meet, write, do a little dance, sleep... We're looking forward to welcoming you in our bookstore!

NB! You may have a look at our selection before coming to Viljandi: www.booksonthemove.eu and if there are any books you would like us to bring to notafe, let us know before July 5th.


Books on the Move was initiated by a dancer AGNÉS BENOIT in 2008 in Berlin with the wish to make dance literature available to artists. Without a proper shop, this international travelling bookstore unfolds over Internet and goes towards readers and dancers by bike, taxi, car, van, train or plane.

Following the current dance events (performances, conferences, festivals etc) and throughout the years it created a network within Europe, working in close collaboration with host curators.

Since 2013, Books on the Move is based in Bordeaux, in south of France. Joined by journalist Stéphanie Pichon, Books on the Move is today expanding into different events, workshops and pedagogical activities focusing on movement, writing, speaking, languages and reading.

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