B O O K S   O N   T H E   M O V E   P R E S E N T S

A g n é s   B e n o i t

R E A D I N G   A S

A   D A N C E   P R A C T I C E

A   D A N C E   B O O K ?   W H A T   I S   I T ?


It usually has a front cover and a back cover, texts, maybe some drawings and even photos, pictures... Well, a dance book is as any other book...

But what's in it exactly? A book of photographs portraying beautiful bodies? An autobiography of a well-known choreographer? An artist sharing his/her work process? An essay on bodies moving in relation to space?

Who reads those books? Today, do you own a book about dance? Was it a gift? Did you buy it in a bookstore? Did you buy it online? Was it a book somebody recommended to you? Do you ever go to a dance studio with a book?

With these questions in mind there are several stories that can be told. AGNÉS BENOIT invites you to hear and share a few of those stories, or different variations of the same story.

During a 2-hour session, we might take a nap, go for a walk, read, maybe dance, maybe not, talk about our connection to dance books if any, share how some readings might have nurtured our dancing and made us think further about our artistic work.
How can reading enhance our dance practice?