r i g h t   a f t e r   t h e   s o u p

a n d   j u s t   b e f o r e   t h e   s i e s t a

L U N C H   T A L K S

m o d e r a t e d   b y   A n d r e a   K e i z


Artist, practitioners performers, thinkers movers, students, teachers...
Everybody is taking several position in their daily live. During the lunch talk we can address some of the roles that we perform during the day. The setup for this year will offer a structure, a game we can play according to the themes we want to address. Questions or associations of everybody who joins the lunch talk can be included by using empty record cards in addition to the prepared ones. The game will give the protagonists of the day the chance to choose terms, topics, sketches to talk about. The record cards will be spread in the space and chosen from there. This will cause movement.

ANDREA KEIZ is an educated biologist, teacher for dance improvisation and videographer.

Since 2000 she works as a freelance artist in the field of video documentation of performing arts. Besides filming and editing, she is advising students in documentation, camera work and archiving in several dance programs in Germany as well as offering workshops in video//dance and perception. She has been a regular participant at notafe since 2006.