A n d r e a   K e i z

n o t a f e   2 0 1 7

3 0   v o i c e s


30 voices in alphapetic order (1 exception)

"...She is there for the first time, he was always around, she was helping, for him it's family...."
I asked people if they would offer their face and share some thoughts on the festival. Everybody has a personal interest, an individual experience and memory of notafe. All information adds to creating a complex picture. I combined the people talking in the foreground with still and moving pictures in the background, thereby adding another layer of information.

A video work by Andrea Keiz supported by: Agnes, Andrea, Andres Anthony, Aarne, Asia, Bronwen, Carl, Carolin, Christin, David, Diego, Erni, Eve, Greta, Hans, Holger, Irene, Isabel, Kadri, Kaja, Caitlin, Lukas, Matthias, Noha, Peter, Hsuan-Hsiu, Triin, Ülle

Created 2017 during the 25th anniversary of notafe
Duration 30 min


Andrea Keiz is an educated biologist, teacher for dance improvisation and videographer.
Since 2000 she works as a freelance artist in the field of video documentation of performing arts. Besides filming and editing, she is advising students in documentation, camera work and archiving in several dance programs in Germany as well as offering workshops in video//dance and perception. She has been a regular participant at notafe since 2006.