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C a s s i e   T u n i c k

A C T I O N   T H E A T E R   A N D

A   P H Y S I C A L   I M A G I N A T I O N


Action Theater is a training system in physical theater improvisation that builds vocal, verbal, and physical performance skills, hones awareness and increases expressive range.

Action Theater uses sensation and embodied presence as a doorway into the agility of a vast imagination. The exercises are simple, playful and challenging: they work on a deep level to expand moment-to-moment awareness and our relationship to both action and being. How do we more fully experience a moment of life? The distracting power of judgement and fear gets calmed as one's curiosity and compassion for the smallest moment is roused, however lovely or terrifying it might be.

Central elements to the practice include listening, composition, musicality, alignment between form and feeling, the beauty of lost detail, inhabiting mercurial energies. We relax into the active nature of time and change with eloquence, precision, and passion. We improvise our way forward supported by a rigorous and intelligent curiosity in an encouraging atmosphere and we invite great delight!

This class is open to all, those with theatre and/or movement training and those without.

CASSIE TUNICK is a performer, writer, and teacher. Originally trained in ballet, judo, gymnastics and modern dance technique, she began an intensive practice in Action Theater with Ruth Zaporah in 1991 which led to improvising and creating original physical theater work on stages around the world.

She has an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University, a small Buddhist college, which influenced her theater work on many levels. She was a founding member of
inkBoat and plunged into Butoh dance and starkly imagistic theater-making that resonated with an ongoing delight in the surreal and profoundly mysterious nature of being.

She has collaborated with artists Tanya Calamoneri & Company SoGoNo, composer Keren Rosenbaum's REFLEX ENSEMBLE, Shinichi Iova-Koga, the Action Theater Ensemble, and is featured in three films with and by experimental video artist David Finkelstein.

She performs in the company she founded:
Second Nature (with musician Danny Tunick and long-time colleague Heather Harpham) and recently created Totally Other with Abby Bender, a dance-theater work examining fluidity of identity and imagination.

Cassie is a Senior Teacher of Ruth Zaporah's Action Theater, devoted to the practice and development of improvisation for the last 30 years. She currently teaches on faculty at Emerson College in Boston.